Back At It


Morning guys! So if you’ve been following my social media you will know I just returned from an awesome week away in Lisbon visiting one of my dearest friends, Leonor.

I left less than a month after returning from Thailand, with a Joburg trip in between, so life still feels like a bit of a scrambled haze that I need to catch up with. I have one more Jozi trip coming up this week and hopefully, that will be the end of airplanes for the year. I’m nearing that 2015 year-end burnout, where all I wanna do is hang on the beach and sip on smoothies because my brain is fried! 

I know it seems like a first world pain because I’ve been fortunate enough to travel recently, but honestly being abroad is as exhausting as it is fun; you find yourself YOLO-ing everything there and it’s all fun and games until you come home, remember you’re freelancing and have 100 emails waiting for you. And you’re tired, but then you also remember you kind of write your own paycheque so if you don’t work immediately you could find yourself far behind payments etc.

I’ve been overly productive this year, and it paid off more than I imagined, I need a break, at home. I need peace and quiet, for emails to slow down and I need to chill out with my husband without rushing to be somewhere all the time. 

Other than that, I’m so glad to be sharing content I shot with Lisa again, and I also can’t wait to share my awesome Portuguese holiday with you guys!


DSC_3090 DSC_3079 DSC_3184 DSC_3206 DSC_3211 DSC_3241 DSC_3242

Ray Ban Aviators from Sunglass Hut, Local-to-a-Tee T-shirt from MRP, custom-made skirt by my mom, Marc Jacobs watch at American Swiss, Pandora bracelet, necklace from Kathmandu’s monkey temple, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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