Build Your Blog Workshop, Cape Town


This past Saturday, I hosted about thirty awesome ladies and gents at my first blog workshop at my friend, Shezan’s photography studio in Salt River’s beautiful Pals Building. I’ve been obsessed with her space since day one, with its facebrick/white wall interior and all the amazing natural light that enters through the big windows and balcony doors. I kind of just look for reasons to be there and visit her! 

Leading up to this day was pure chaos and lots of running around! The evening before the event, I decided to dismantle the studio’s infinity curve (I initially planned on keeping it there) and frantically needed a new location to put it, while my decor company messed up a bit  with my delivery. Their error actually worked in my favour in the end, and the event came together far better than I thought it would. All this on no sleep, then rushing home to the ‘burbs and back to the CBD to get ready for a dinner with G-Star RAW. It all stressed me out so much and I put so much pressure on myself to have the event be pretty, yet rich with information, that the night before I thought to myself, I never want to do this again.

However, one by one as my guests trickled in and the workshop began, the experience became gratifying, fun and as insightful for me, even though I shared basically every one of my hard-learned secrets and tricks. It made every stressful freakout worth it! 

An extra special thank you goes out to the event’s amazing sponsors –  Moroccanoil, Elizabeth Arden, The Ramp, Associated Press, adidas Originals, Rimmel and Sunglass Hut for filling the goodie bags, as well as Naz & Dee Catering for filling our bellies with AMAZING food! From burgers, fruit, an array of pastries, sticky chicken wings, eclairs, Fashion Breed cupcakes and more, we couldn’t resist piling our plates. Thank you to my parents, husbo and Lisa for always being ready to assist, and lastly, thank you to my incredible guests! 

As for whether or not there’ll be another one… I’ll keep you posted. I promise.


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Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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