C I T Y of G O L D

This past weekend I flew up to Jo’burg with my family to celebrate my cousin Sue’s Walimah (an Indian tradition, and second reception held a week later by the groom’s family… in her case it was her third reception). We stayed for two nights, but I packed a suitcase with contents that could easily have lasted me a week (it included 5 pairs of shoes), it’s better to be safe than sorry though, right?

We stayed at the amazing Radiance Guest Lodge in Bryanston where I enjoyed the most commendable hospitality and walk-in closet :) My camera died very early, before the wedding and I left my charger in Cape Town #epicfail. I did however get some cool shots  here and there and unintentionally stumbled upon the SA Fashion Week Fashion Fusion Project, happening in the middle of Sandton City. A little convention was set up featuring stalls by SA designers, for more info on this innovative project, click here. I couldn’t stay for the show but got to see some awesome clothing and meet some of the designers.

I also bought lovely wedge heels from Prato… and then my camera battery died. Had sunset sushi with a friend one eve in Melrose Arch, and had lots of me-time at the lodge. I wore a fabulous red pocket-pencil dress, teal scarf and gladiator booties to the wedding… no photographs of me in it tho:(

Here is some of my journey in photographs:
 [above & below] this may have nothing to do with fashion but I COULDN’T resist toying with the shutter speed on my camera during take-off. How often does one get a moving aerial view of highways and the city at night?
 [above] designer Karen Monk’s range. I encountered her work about three years ago for the first time. Her work is beyond eccentric… I respect her so much for that!
I LOVE it when garments have exaggerated architecture. I die for this skirt [above] by Two Girls.
 [above] the crisp edge of this dress is such a lovely finish.
 [above] dress by Gugulam
 If this shoe [above] isn’t art then I don’t know what is! It’s by designer Daniele Di Mauro. Check out his website here.
 My room at Radience was so beautiful. This huge mirror [above] slid open to reveal the massive and magnificent closet that was bulit by angels. I was in love with the mirror (not to be confused with my reflection… nobody likes a narcissist), and my lovely new wedges.The shorts are thrifted, the belt is vintage, and the checked pull-over shirt is by Mr Price.
… and then the camera’s battery died. Will do a post on Sue’s first two receptions sometime soon. She made a beautiful bride, everytime (two dress changes, three receptions)… Let me just organise my life a bit this week and you will see it soon. xx