Cape Town Instragram Photo Diary

1. View from the aircraft 2. Aisha and I being in love at the Biscuit Mill 3. 2Bop cap I am dying for 4. Cocktails/cameras/cash at Shimmy Beach Bar 5. Clifton Beach sunset 6. Long Street mission 7. Yasmina and I at Shimmy 8. Time to pack!

I had ten days of jam-packed fun in the Mother City. It all felt so foreign but at the same time it was like I had never left.

I first moved away to work abroad and travel the world because I couldn’t imagine staying in Cape Town any longer, as fantastic as my life was over there, and as wonderful as the city is – I needed a change. I remember in an old blog post I wrote “the only thing more impossible than leaving is staying”. I had too many dreams of foreign lands, cultures, languages and new people. I fantasized about European cobbled roads, Italian pasta, Middle Eastern shisha, elephants and of course new threads in my closet from all over. The restlessness caused this spur of adventure and after six months and nearly twenty countries later, I was ready to return home, at least for a little while.

I can honestly look at our country, the beautiful city of Cape Town and say that what we have is truly something special (I always thought people just said that because they hadn’t travelled much and wanted to make themselves feel better). I reflect now on how I speak about it to foreigners, expressing in lofty, romantic inflections in comparison to everywhere else we have the best weather, the best views, the best food (I can say this with conviction), beaches, mountains a pastiche of the most beautiful mixed people in the tiniest, most diverse melting pot.

However, I’m still a little restless and not quite done yet. But I do have a feeling I will be home for good a lot sooner than we all think :)


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