24 September commemorates Heritage Day in South Africa, and Cape Town celebrated with its first ever STR CRD (Street Cred) Hip Hop and Sneaker convention. A really cool vibe, some awesome kicks on display, ridiculous talent and stylish people. Here’s what I saw.
Alex nash designed a pair of sneakers for Adidas representing each tribe in SA. [above]  This pair was my favourite, for the Swati tribe. “Leopard skin and feathers are Swati symbols of wealth and status. I took these elements and combined them over traditional cloth called lihiya to create a custom fit for royalty.” – Nash.
Some other cool kicks:
[above] David Beckham for Adidas. They’re high-tops too. So sick.
 I loved this girls relaxed style, touching on the pastel clour-trend. Topped off with leopard-print bag and aviators.
Dark floral fabrics = trend. Printed pantaloons = trend. Loose fitting trousers/harems = trend.
These pants are a triple threat alone! The way she has worn it makes this look so effortless.
This is my friend Fasiega, she works for Sportscene, the main sponsor of the event. Love this look!
Military, nude tones, minimalism and a hint of grunge. This girl knows her stuff!
 Singer, Chad Saaiman : his cut-offs, kicks, shades and scarf really goes with his individual look, dreads etc.
breakdance battle lead by Ubuntu B-boys
[above and below] graffiti
Nike Street Wear store