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BANGKOK, TRAVEL / Monday / November 9th, 2015

Lookin’ For Love


On our last day in Bangkok, we went to Central World Mall in the hope to find Anastasia Beverly Hills, but also to go and see Trimurti Shrine, AKA the Love Shrine. In Hinduism, Trimurti represents the three aspects of their God. And so, on Thursday evenings at 9:30pm, singletons wearing red gather at the shrine, offering roses and prayers in the hope of finding love. (more…)

BANGKOK, TRAVEL ADVICE, WORDS / Sunday / February 24th, 2013

Fashion Breed’s Guide to Bargaining in Thai(land)

So I’ve mentioned my obsession with markets before and I was lucky enough to finally fulfil my dream of visiting
Chatuchak Market (also known as “JJ” Market) in Bangkok, Thailand. I’d heard from friends that it’s important to
bargain with the Thai, it is humourous for them and they kind of expect this concept of fun or “sanook”!

BANGKOK, BERLIN, INSTA-BREED / Sunday / February 24th, 2013

Insta-Breed: Berlin and Bangkok

So these are pretty old by now and I’ve since instagrammed a billion pictures, but you also know my lifestyle already. (more…)