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HOME / Friday / December 15th, 2017



Much like the end of 2016, as the 2017 holidays roll around I can’t help but feel the need to add a few more additions to our home. I feel like redecorating my office and home at the end of last year really shifted the energy in my home and prepared me mentally and professionally for what was, without a doubt, my most successful year ever. As I sit and think to myself, “what do I want 2018 to be like?” it starts with another home reboot. (more…)

BEAUTY, HOME / Friday / November 3rd, 2017

How I Style My Bedroom Vanity Table.


Months ago, I shared my office beauty desk that I usually use for all things work-related, which you can read here. That vanity is where I store the majority of my make-up, latest testing samples, and create my bolder, more detailed looks. However, when it comes to my vanity table in my bedroom, I’m a lot fussier. I can’t sleep where there is too much clutter, so my bedroom vanity has to have two very important key components; it needs to be simple, minimal and still functional. My bedroom vanity table is not for work; it’s for finishing touches on-the-go, and to look pretty in a way that completes my décor at home.


HOME / Friday / May 12th, 2017

Modern Muslim Merch? We’re Into It.

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Modern Muslim merch  and personalized items for everyone else? Finding the @amaniartct Instagram account and cool Islamic artworks it advertised held my interest from the start! Since you guys are asking for more home posts, following our latest arabic artwork addition in our home, I couldn’t not feature this brand. (more…)

HOME / Friday / May 5th, 2017

Weekend Argus Home Feature


Hello lovelies! The lovely team at the Weekend Argus recently asked us to share our home story and interior, and since so many of you have requested more home posts, I figured sharing this is a good place to start. The full article can be found after the jump break below. (more…)

HOME / Monday / February 20th, 2017

Room Reveal: Final Touches to my Office/Glam Room with MRP Home

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Happy Monday my loves! If you guys have been keeping up with my social media and blog lately you’ll know two things; I’ve been redecorating my office/glam room and I’ve also been crazy ill with a bug, dehydration and exhaustion. Thank you to everyone who’s been sending me sweet well wishes! It’s day 5 in bed but at least I can share this post with you :)  (more…)