H&M beanie (a gift from Aisha), vintage Ray Ban signets, necklace from Khan Market in Delhi, H&M  mens’ jumper, leather jacket from The Lot, drop crotch jeans from Primark mens’ section, Aldo leather moccasins.
Dad’s building a laundry at home, and for this photograph its half-done and plastered state seemed to compliment the boy-ish day I was having. I’ve really been enjoying the chilly days in Cape Town so that I could wear my winter threads, although it rendered me in bed with bronchitis for a good few days!
I got these drop-crotch denims in London at the start of last year, in my ever-ending search to find the perfect pair. This search has been going on for a good two years now, and I even settled on altering these arcs to numb my longing for the time being.
I’m going back to Doha today… I’m really sad to be leaving my amazing city and all my loved ones that it houses. But also I can’t deny that I have grown so accustomed to being on my own with privacy and other living conditions that I can’t say I’ll miss my brother’s music blaring until 4am or the slow internet or Vodacom’s ridiculous call rates and service.
Not long now though and I’ll be back for good. Can/can’t wait.