City Scape

IMG_0384-2 copy

IMG_0378-2Markham bowler hat, Prada shades from Sunglass Hut, leather jacket from Bangkok, black tee from Guangzhou clothing market, dress (worn as skirt) made by my mom, Adidas sequinned sneakers, miscellaneous jewellery

Yesterday I styled my brother for an Edgars Man magazine shoot, and I fell in love with the location, Church Square in Spin Street. Naturally I turned big bruvva from model to photographer. The “skirt” is actually a dress my mom made me for Eid about five years ago. I decided to wear it with the stiffening from the skirt I wore to the Tlale show, as the dress’s cut is perfect for exaggerated width. At first I thought I should calm down and not wear this bright and voluptuous garment and shock people on a Monday morning, but then I remembered that’s normal for me, and quickly changed my mind.

This leather jacket is without a doubt my favourite thing since I’m back in Cape Town. I have an obsession with genuine leather, and I hoard great coats and jackets as if I live in a place where it is forever Fall. While I literally have about ten leather jackets to choose from alone, five of which are black, I unapologetically wear this biker as if it is the only warm thing I own. It’s probably one of the best things I have ever bought in my life, and it’s pretty surprising that it has only made its appearance in pictures now.

In all seriousness though, I seem to be perched on an interesting sculpture/artwork of some sort. Does anyone know what it’s about? I tried researching it but to no avail. Right now, the Harry Potter geek in me is more excited about my left foot that sits above the word “Patronus”.