There are three classics I absolutely cannot live without; size 62 Ray Ban gold-framed aviators, a black leather biker jacket and white Converse.

There’s something about each of these garments that gives any outfit you’re wearing a cool edge, and their quality is unmatched! That being said I can’t really blame the people who, on separate occasions last year, stole my first pair of size 62 aviators and black leather jacket. Both were phenomenal and both of these thefts were pretty painful. Besides the fact that they’re worth a pretty penny, they’re both hard to find. I can’t wear size 58 Ray Bans (the largest size available in SA in this particular style), because they look way too small on my face, and each time they had to be imported, while a decent, genuine leather jackets are scarce these days, and they’re damn expensive.  I remember paying R800 for one in 2009, and five years later it has tripled in price.

I will never wear a faux leather jacket. You may have heard me rant on twitter about how much I love the material, but I’d rather pay for quality in something I know I will wear often, for years. I bought a beautiful faux leather handbag from Zara six months ago, and the wear and tear ages to reveal a white base, making my handbag go from looking fabulous and expensive, to tacky and made in China. The same thing happens with all faux leather jackets and boots, whereas genuine leather softens beautifully, and looks and feels comfortable even if it rips and wears. In fact it often looks better with age! You can throw it over any cheap clothing and your outfit will instantly look expensive and super chic. And above all, it just looks better, and won’t have you smelling like plastic! Investing in one means you can wear it for years to come (I’m still wearing my dad’s from thirty years ago), and you can actually pass it on to your kids too (because by then, they’re probably going to cost about R10 000). I also wore my dad’s old Ray Ban aviators from the 80’s for a couple of years, which my brother naturally snitched from my room and then lost on the same day.

What are your thoughts? Do you guys have any investment pieces in your wardrobe, or things you can’t live without?


_DSC0056_DSC0053_DSC0098Ray Bans from Sunglass Hut,  Casio watch,leather jacket from RE: at Woolworths, Truworths dress, Chuck Taylor All Stars

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel