Jeremy Scott x adidas track top, Henry Holland x Mr Price dress, Zara leatherette leggings, Primark boots, Casio watch,

all images by Lisa Gabriel

I’m in a deeply contemplative mood, coincidently complimented by my Henry Holland X Mr Price dress and Jeremy Scott X adidas Originals track top. Wearing two collaborative garments in this post got me thinking about the great things achieved when two powerful entities come together to create. Making the most of their respective strengths, each giving one another an attribute the other doesn’t possess as strongly, culminating in a joint force of success.

Whether in business or personal relationships, we’ve all tried collaborating on either or both, and failed at least once in what undoubtedly becomes a blur of different visions, contrary priorities and personal rather than collective advancements. With risks like losing money or getting your heart broken, we all take a bit of a gamble when agreeing to collaborate, ignored by the courageously hopeful mind that chooses to see the potentially unparalleled success that could result.

What do you think makes or breaks a collaboration?

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