Recently Lisa and I attended the launch of the new Superglide Boost trainers by adidas. Before the adidas team hijacked all our outfits and made us change into their training gear (ha, yes, really), I wore a few of my new favourites. This look embodies a worldwide hunt for items I have wanted for ages. These G-Star tapered arcs were something I literally searched a couple of continents for. A super popular cut and wash, whenever I’d find a store in whichever country, there either wouldn’t be my size, or this specific  dark wash. Three years later and they’re finally mine! A brand I’ve loved for years, I’m too excited as tomorrow I’ll be hosting G-Star RAW’s annual #JustTheProduct Women’s Night, and for the ten readers who won access, I’m super excited to meet you guys! You can read more about the event and watch a cool video we shot here.

I’ve also always wanted a lengthy, white, informal blazer, and I picked up this light and relaxed one from Primark in London. My adidas Superstars were my wedding gift from the adidas Originals team as my pair of comfy shoes for my wedding day, while Malick was sent a matching white and black pair (seen in this post). A few of you have asked me if the sneakers are available elsewhere but I haven’t seen them in the Originals stores at all, and Shelflife in Cape Town used to have them at one stage. 2015 is the year of the Superstar though, so if you love them as much as I do, a little birdy told me we can look forward to a few great designs and collaborations featuring this iconic design next season. I had a pair of these when I was twelve, and I’m so ready to get my hands on more!

Do you have any items you’ve coveted for years? Together and as separates, I seriously can’t get enough of these pieces :)


Gstar-3 Gstar-1 Gstar-4 Gstar-6 Gstar-8 Gstar-5

Baseball cap from a leather specialty store, Ray-Ban aviators, Primark coat, G-Star RAW arc denims, adidas Originals Superstars, Mr Price vests, cuff from a market in China, thrifted leather belt.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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