"CREATURE" for A Fashion Friend


Finally our beautiful Creature has its claws synched into the online pages of A Fashion Friend, and I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing team. Click the “Read More” link below to see the rest of our shoot, and be sure to check out the other stories on the website. So much potential in our fashion industry and I love how AFF showcases that!

When I came up with this concept I had something different in mind, and being the perfectionist that I am, I stressed about whether or not everyone would realise the vision I had. I have a terrible habit of getting attached to my ideas, and that’s the worst thing you can do if you’re in any creative field. I felt a bit miserable when Journey wouldn’t let me appro their heel-less Jeffrey Campbells, because to me those were the epitome of creature footwear! And you know I’m alllll about the shoes… But I had to remind myself it’s a learning curve and I was working with incredibly talented people.

I’ve never been more glad that I put my trust in Ashraf, Yasmina and the beautiful Kayleigh. Ashraf, Yasmina and I have worked together before, and our growth since is undeniably prevalent. The classification/”naming” of each look was purely Ashraf’s art direction, and his photography continues to blow me away, especially considering that he really hasn’t been at it for long. And it’s kind of obvious why Bobbi Brown SA considers my bestie, Yasmina, one of their best artists.

If you want to have a small peak behind-the-scenes when we shot that day as well as my inspiration for the concept, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!

White faux fur, Stylist’s Own (actually borrowed from Aisha)
Neon collar, R330, Sass Diva
Nude fringe dress, R750 & wedges, R220, both Traffic
Snake print shirt, R399, The Lot
Neon dress, R690 & heels R220, both Traffic
Black sash, Stylist’s Own
Fringe earrings, Stylist’s Own
Snake neckpiece, R395, A-List
Power blazer, R899, The Lot
Cyber leggings, R680, Philosophy
Gold snake brogues, Stylist’s Own
Feather headpiece, Stylist’s Own
Triangle neckpiece, R230, Sass Diva
Body suit, R399, Sissy Boy
Stockings, R34.99, Woolworths
Block heels, R149.99, Mr Price
Pink faux fur, R399, Edgars
Blue sheer top, R380, Traffic
Reptile jeans, R760, The Lot
Silver collar, R270, Sass Diva
Red heels, R499, Wild Alice
Green hat, R550, Second Time Around
Gold feather neckpiece, R395 & peacock shirt, R495, both A-list
Gold dress, R320, The Lot
Lime heels, Zara
Triangle necklace, R240, Sass Diva 
Lime sheer top, R399, Boo Radley at Stuttafords
Scale dress, R599, The Lot
Lime heels, Zara
For more of Ashraf’s photography and art direction, click here.
Special thanks goes to Thelonius Studios for letting us play in their creative space!




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