Can I just say, with winter slowly slowly leaving us, I am feeling somewhat like I’m living more! My joints feel less stiff so I’m exercising frequently again, and I’m starting to be less of a granny by going out more, AKA leaving the brown onesie behind! All the while I’ve completely cut sugar, gluten and starchy foods from my diet for two weeks straight, which has left me with the most energy I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously, no bloating, no sugar crashes or cravings and just feeling light all round. I ended up finally cheating on the starch bit when my husband took me on a sushi date on Saturday. Sushi and just general white, mushy rice is my weakness, so I HAD to cut down. Can you imagine my laughter when I saw the brand “Akila fragrant rice” emerge in recent years?! haha!

Okay so today’s writing is chilled and light and really I don’t have that much to say clearly if I’m talking about rice and the weather, but tomorrow to commemorate Women’s Day in South Africa, I’ll be sharing a far more personal story that I was kind of nervous to write and will make up for all of today’s small talk. It’s a LONG piece, I’m 95% done with it, and you’re going to want to grab some tea and a comfy seat to get through that story. So for now before things get heavy, let’s just enjoy my cute, dandy outfit.


IMG_7666 IMG_7690 IMG_7655 IMG_7703

OUTFIT: River Island hat, Zara polo neck, Country Road trousers, Ternary monkstraps, Marc Jacobs watch.

MAKE-UP: Lashes by Fashion Breed in “Leonor” (coming soon) and Smashbox lipstick in “Safe Word”

Photos by Malick


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