DFS first 2011 show featuring Thrift & Pro*Zak

Aisha and I
me with Carla Roberts and Tracy Rosiland from Girls @ Play.tv …. I can’t stop expressing how obsessed I am with Tracy’s vintage fringe skirt.
with Inge Wulff, my partner in Thrift, Gabrielle Kannemeyer and blogger friend Raya Rossi
With Dylan Jack and Inge Wulff 


with Zakirah Rabaney from Pro*Zak
I have been so neglectful it is embarrassing! But better late than never, so here is my post on the Design for Style Fashion Show that happened on 4 February 2011. DFS is a platform that aims to introduce new designers to the industry, or in our case we were introduced as stylists. It provides a great opportunity for all kinds of industry people to network and be exposed to fresh talent. This show was held at the Misael Art Gallery in Bree Street, Cape Town, a smart chic venue with a chilled feel. The photographs above are just a few captured moments of the lovely event’s people, a few of our photographs as well as those by the Zakirah Rabaney of Pro*Zak, the label that shared the platform with us at Thrift that night. 
 That day building up to the show I was filled with nerves and excitement and completely flustered because of the heat! I was running around like a crazy person pulling my looks together for the show, until 15 minutes before I had to leave the house, I realised I had absolutely nothing to wear that I had not been photographed in before. I threw everything out of my cupboard and pulled out this colourful printed chiffon dress out of my cupboard, something my mom had made me for Eid three years ago. At the time it was my design somewhat inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn. The dress needed more oomph so I sped to a family friend who is a seamstress and she let me borrow a big stiffening hoop to wear under the dress (I believe it belonged to a flower girl). And thus my dress was given the oomph it so badly seeked and I felt like a Russian ballerina as I automatically attained this great posture from goodness knows where. 
I had an awesome time! DFS have always been so kind to me in assisting both my blog and Thrift grow, and this event was the ultimate climax in that sense! The venue, the networking, the turnout… We could not have asked for more. 
Here’s to continued growth.