Dyson V7 “Fluffy” Cordless Vacuum Review

On my recent trip to London, I impulsively bought the vacuum of Abdul Malick’s dreams and surprised him with it when I returned. When you have a husband who is as obsessed with cleaning as much as he is, best believe he has a dream vacuum, and he has been speaking about this one daily, non-stop for over two years!

Anything Dyson-related is notoriously expensive with vacuums starting from R7600 here in SA. So when I heard they are much cheaper in the UK and there was an early Black Friday deal, I decided to go for it and ended up paying R3900. Still steep, but also basically half price!

Features / How It Works:

It comes with a wall mount that charges the device. A full charge takes three hours, and the total vacuum time it provides is 30 minutes (newer, more expensive Dyson models have a longer vacuum time). We’re in a 3 bedroom house, and 30 minutes is over enough time to get through our space. Couch and bed included! It also has a turbo deep-clean mode which uses extra power – that only allows you 6 minutes of vacuum time with a full-charge, so we tend to avoid using it.

The main wide head and pole combo is amazing. Inside it you have a second motorised roller that has bristles to pick up the dirt and send it up into the suction. The head also has a wide range of motion, never getting stuck at any angle if you twist and turn into certain areas.

However, my personal favourite is the interchangeable upholstery heads (as I call them). It allows you to turn your device into a smaller handheld. Each of them has bristles of different softness/hardness, so you can use the softer one on areas that need a softer touch, and the sturdier one for areas that need something tougher. This is so great for surfaces, I love using it on our couch after Milan has been rolling around and it’s excellent for inside your car and other tricky areas. Wherever you see a red button, it’s where you can easily clip a head on and off.

The filter is super easy to empty out and clean. It’s also very satisfying seeing just how much dirt you’ve managed to pick up!

First Impressions:

I really wish I had before and after images of our blue rug in the lounge. We always used our old vacuum on this particular rug, because Milan loves playing and napping on it, causing his long hair to get stuck in it constantly. We didn’t think it looked too bad when we used the other vacuum on it. It looked clean but faded/aged. Then as a test run for his new toy, Abdul Malick used the Dyson on half of the 180x100cm sized rug. So much of Milan’s fine, white hair and dust was flattened into the entire rug. The difference between the vacuumed half and the untouched half was astounding. The vacuumed half displayed a brilliant blue colour like when we bought it, and when we emptied out the filter (having only used it on the rug), the amount of dust and cat hair that came out of it was the size of a ball of wool! It was truly shocking. I don’t know if Abdul Malick wanted to die from satisfaction or from the fact that so much dust and fluff had been imbedded into the mat all this time.

Final Verdict After Three Weeks:

The Dyson has really made cleaning so quick and easy. From making our home a lot less dusty all-round to picking up kitty fluff everywhere and general mess that we’d typically sweep up, the speed and efficiency is incredible. Almost every day I see Abdul Malick return the device to its charging station and hear, “Baby, my vacuum really is the BEST.” I don’t blame him. When you use it, you really can tell they’ve thought of everything in this design, aiming to bring you ease in little ways that you didn’t know you needed.

Is it worth all that money?

This is a tough one for me to answer. I mean, everyone’s budget is different and R7600 as a starting price is a pretty penny. However, if you have that kind of cash to spare I’m going to say yes, even at South Africa’s prices, it’s worth it. It really is A LOT more efficient at cleaning a space than a regular vacuum. I mean, I thought we always had a really clean home. This vacuum showed me maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! If you have allergies, pets or lots of carpeting I would 100% say you should go for it. You could also always buy it on your Woolworths or @Home account and pay it off over time. After I posted the video of when I surprised Abdul Malick with it, I had Dyson users rave to me how much we would love it. I also had people go out and buy it for themselves and come back to me and say it was an excellent purchase.

In the words of one very happy husband: “My life and home has been changed forever!”


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