dsc_6014Hi lovelies! I didn’t manage to get to all of your questions in my Q&A, so I decided to answer ten more of them here in this post. As for this OTT outfit, Lisa and I were in the mood for me to be extra. You know, the usual!

So without dragging it for too long, here we are:

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about blogging?

Being relatable, producing original content and consistency is key!

Would you ever consider going permanently without make-up?

No. I love make-up and I’m a make-up artist. I love that make-up is like an outfit for your face and pulls your whole look together.

How often do you clean your make-up brushes and what do you use?

I use dishwashing liquid and hot water, and I clean them at least once a week.

How much money do you spend on make-up?

Not a lot, fortunately I’m sent A LOT of amazing product, many of which I don’t even get around to using. Otherwise, I spend on my old faithful staples, when I need to.

What mantra do you keep in mind to have the courage to do all the amazing things you do like pursue your blog, travel etc?

You only have one life, and if you don’t make it happen, it probably won’t happen. I’m very much a ‘carpe diem’ person.

How was your experience in Qatar being part of the cabin crew especially being a Muslim girl?

It wasn’t that bad at all. I loved that during Ramadan everyone was respectful of the month, especially in Doha where I was based, because it was a Muslim country. I did hate having to fly while fasting though, and looking back I hate and regret having had to work with and serve alcohol. I actually felt that the longer I worked there the more in tune I became with my faith, it was my first time living alone and away from home, so it leaves you with the decision to remember where you come from and discover more of what that means to you, or, let it go and adopt the new ways that you encounter and resonate with you. You’re forced to ask yourself “who am I when no one is around?” – which, looking back, was an amazing discovery.

How old are you and what did you study?

I’m turning 27 in October, and I studied Media & Writing, Film and Drama at UCT – I loved every second of my degree! Two years ago I also did a make-up course at Smudge Make-Up Academy. Kristy is one of the most amazing HMUA’s in CPT and a phenomenal teacher – I was so lucky to be trained by her!

Who’s your fashion inspiration?

Ulyana Sergeenko, Sarah Jessica Parker and YEEZUS!

Which book would you read over and over again?

Anything Harry Potter, of course! Also Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus will not only save your relationship but also your life.

Favourite thing to order at a restaurant?

SUSHI. Also a white sauce alfredo pasta.

Why don’t you live in your Isabel Marant sneakers?

Malick bought them for me while he was travelling, and I was so paranoid that they would be too small, I asked him to get me a 7 instead of a 6. As a result, it makes this crazy squeaky noise when I walk because it’s too big. So I just get awkward and embarrassed and now I don’t wear them – LOL! Naturally, I’m also far too stingy to give them away.


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Top from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar market, custom made skirt cape, G-Star RAW skinny jeans, Woolworths heels.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel (email lisagabrielphotography@gmail.com to book).



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