Farewell 26 | Win A Pair of adidas Gazelle Sneakers!


Happy Monday, babes! So with tomorrow being my birthday and my two year wedding anniversary, today is my last day as a 26 year old! Naturally, it’s been a year of serious growing and learning as an individual, wife, friend, daughter, sister, career woman and everything else I have to be in between. I can truly look at those roles and know I’m a different and better person, even if it’s only slightly, in each of those titles. I thought I’d share some of the biggest, and sometimes the toughest lessons for me:

– Skincare, anti-ageing routines and make-up free days for your skin to breathe are more important than a forever-snatched face.

– Self love just grows and grows as you get older! It’s not even a matter of “I just got used to my life”, but a real sense of unconditional love for all I am. It’s great feeling insecurities leave and making peace with yourself.

– Saving your money really does wonders.

– Having the last word or a cool comeback isn’t important.

– Taking care of my health is much more important than a career.

– I’ve become even better at saying ‘no’.

– I’m making a point to give those who love me more than most a little extra TLC. It’s human nature to focus on what or who we can’t have as much as we would like, but I’m determined to change that. I have some amazing people in my life, and I never want them to doubt my love and admiration.

– It’s okay to miss someone for a long time after you’ve severed ties with them, as long as you know missing them or even forgiveness is not a good enough reason to welcome them back.

– Don’t stress about the drama it may cause when you press that unfollow button or physically distance yourself from someone. Sooner or later they won’t be in your life anyway.


And that’s okay, do you boo, but find sometime to humour my emo vibes from time to time too? This is the first of a few birthday month giveaways – I really just want to say thanks for always supporting me and showing me such mad love! It means everything.

So all you have to do to stand a chance to win is comment the following on my Instagram post from this outfit:
1. Your favourite emoji
2. Your shoe size
3. Tag your most stylish friend on Instagram (no tagging bloggers, and it must be someone you actually know.)

That’s it! The winner will be announced on Friday. T&C’s apply*


img_1548 img_1612 img_1531 img_1639

This giveaway is open to both sexes.
This giveaway is open to South African residents only.
The chosen winner is a final decision.
No one related to or close friends with me may enter.
The winner will be chosen via a random draw.
The colour of the Gazelle sneakers are subject to availability and may not necessarily be the same shade as the pair I am wearing.
The prize may not be swapped for any other adidas Originals or Performance gear.


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