Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale, December 2017


Hi babes, happy Monday! I finally found the time to make this post live and it brings such a smile to my face. As you may know, we hosted the second Fashion Breed & Friends Charity Sale in December, with the aim to raise money for water wells in communities in need around the world. Since I receive so many press drops and generally have tons of clothing, I sold a lot of it, and I was also joined by some of my favorite local brands; Minimal Exposure, .Ing, Know Scrubs, Twin Image, Lazuli and The Flower Girl. The guys from SNS mocktails kept everyone hydrated in style, the Mango Tea Room had us munching on our favorite cakes (carrot cake especially of course), Grand Style Hiring kept us comfortable with their lounge setup and The Palms Deco & Lifestyle Center were incredibly kind enough to host the event.

I’m so happy to confirm that the sale in conjunction with the donations from so many of you helped us to raise R56 000, which was enough money to build four wells via Muslim Hands SA. This includes a large community well (serving 1000 people) in the country the organization feels needs it most, one dig-a-well (serving 200 people) in Niger and two tube wells (serving around 20 people each) in Pakistan and Bangladesh. A huge extra special thank you goes out to our volunteers and everyone who contributed, especially to Swiitch Beauty who donated a whopping R38000 to the cause! Swiitch Beauty is owned by the amazing Rabia Ghoor who is only 18 years old, and just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed by her, she goes and does something this generous!

Between this sale and the one we also hosted in March, Fashion Breed & Friends Charity sales raised a total just shy of R75 000 (the first one was in aid of Syria). I realize that my platform and our little online community is a privilege and something I should always try and use for good. I hope that for as long as I have my platform we can come together for a better cause and make a difference.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your contributions however big or small.


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