Fast Forward


I feel like I’ve been way too quiet, and I guess it’s mostly to do with my fairly new job. I’m currently three weeks into it, and still trying to establish a new routine that accommodates the change, my site and general life. Being away from here for a week feels weird! 

Despite now having to wake up at 5:40am everyday, sitting in a bit more traffic, eating lunch at my desk and leaving a little bit later, I am far more motivated at my day job than I ever was before. I’m feeling optimistic about it, and mostly enjoying it and the people I work with! To make matters even better, as a senior copywriter I get to make puns for a living half the time now, so my favourite hashtag, #seewhatididthere, has become a reality.

I’m also still buzzing because I got to see my old flatmate from Doha over the weekend. Jasmine is one of the funniest people I have ever met, and we often sat together until the sun came up giggling all night in our PJ’s. Her flawless smile was the first I saw when I first woke up in my then new apartment, and it never lost its warmth. Until this past weekend I hadn’t seen her in almost two years, and the catch up, her kind heart and humour made me so happy.

As for this look, Lisa and I were feeling super motivated over the weekend when we shot, and I think it showed in the exceptional job she did in this post! Aside from my fantastic new Prada shades, nothing I’m wearing here has not been seen before. I bought this faux fur at a vintage store in London in 2011, and I still love it so much. It feels like all that’s missing in this post is a build-up of snow on the floor.

I’ve been drafting some lengthy posts too in the meantime, and I hope to share them with you guys soon enough!

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Prada shades from Sunglass Hut (in store now), husband’s shirt, vintage coat, Massimo Dutti jeans, Witchery boots.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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