Festive Features


Looking at these clippings are but a partial reflection of the many things Fashion Breed has been involved in since I moved back to South Africa in August.

Along with the freelance work I have done, stemming purely from the blog alone, it would appear that like other forms of advertising and media, the South African bloggersphere too has a “season”. From events, to shoots (both behind the camera and in front of it), endless press releases and invites, campaigns and presents to our doorsteps – it’s been a busy few months.

I wouldn’t call a few media features much of a “trophy” in all honesty. The feature about my grandmother is something that really meant a lot to me though. I inherited so much of my aesthetic and personality from her, and there are so many interesting and beautiful stories about her. I’m so glad to have known her for the time that I did, and I will always be so proud of the woman that she was. I received so much amazing feedback from people who read this story, and I’m so glad I got to share a bit of her legacy with you. Thank you Sarah Koopman for creating such a beautifully written snippet of our relationship, I know she’s happy wherever she is!


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1. Marie Claire, December 2013/ 2. Glamour Magazine, December 2013/ 3. Star Africa, November 2013/ 4. Glamour Hair Magazine, December 2013/ 5. Edgars Man Magazine, December 2013.