First Impressions: Clicks Beauty Fair Items


Click’s is currently having their seasonal Beauty Fair until 11 October, and they kindly sent me a box of goodies currently on promotion to celebrate! I thought I’d swatch and test these items, give you my thoughts on each and you can shop them on the, in case you want to give it a try for yourself while they’re still offering a good deal. Let’s start off with one of their fragrances; Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling!


First Impressions: It smells divine and makes me think of cupcakes! It’s perfect for day and night, summer and winter.

What it smells like: It’s super sweet, slightly fruity and ultra feminine. Main notes include French macaron, cotton candy and lily of the valley.

You would like it if: You’re young, girly and enjoy sweet scents.

You would not like it if: You prefer something fresh, spicy or musky.

The Click’s Beauty Fair promotion: It’s around R80 cheaper than other retailers.



Here I tested out Wet ‘n Wild’s Dual Ended Contour Stick, as well as their Megaglo Highlighting Powder.

First Impressions: The contour stick first felt a bit stiff, but worked nicely when I buffed it in with a wet buffing brush. The color was good and the formula is buildable. The highlighting powder is super pigmented and long-lasting.

What it feels like: They’re both comfortable on the skin, but the contour stick definitely needs to be applied to well-moisturized skin and a dewy foundation. I wouldn’t use it with a matte foundation. 

You would like it if: You’d like the contour stick if you like buildable product, if you are new to contouring and want to try it out, or if you’re a student/on a budget and looking for a value-for-money/budget-friendly contour stick. The highlighter is also a good budget buy.

You would not like it if: You wouldn’t like the contour stick if you love a creamier product, and you wouldn’t like the highlighter if you mind that it has (very tiny) sparkles in it. If you prefer a “lit-from-within” glow, go for the Bright Idea Illuminating Stick from NYX cosmetics (which is also on promotion at Click’s and 10% off.)

The Click’s Beauty Fair promotion: Get 10% off selected Wet ‘n Wild items if you’re a Clubcard member. 


nyx lips liner  

First Impressions: I’ve used the Super Skinny Marker many times before and really like it. The pen format gives you good application control. As for the Intense Lip Butter Gloss, it’s as buttery as its name with nice pigment. A pretty unique formula I think. From left to right  I’m using the colours sorbet and black cherry.

What it feels like: You don’t even feel the liner since it comes off as a stain; quite literally like using a normal pen marker. The lip butter is super smooth, creamy and comfortable.

You will like it if: You’re a cat-eye queen but you hate liquid liners and gels. You will love the lip butter if you don’t like a matte lip or if your lips tend to be dry.

You won’t like it if: You want your liner to be waterproof. It’s definitely smudge-proof but not waterproof. You won’t like the lip butter if you prefer a super glossy look; this has a more creamy finish once it sets, which is more visible in the middle image below.

The Click’s Beauty Fair promotion: Get 10% off selected NYX items if you’re a Clubcard member. 

lip swatches



First Impressions: One coat of this covered my nail, I was super impressed! Here I tested the pink shade called love bug, and the purple one is called raspberry daiquiri.

You will like it if: You want a no frills, no fuss nail varnish that’s going to get the job done the old fashioned way. The image above was only one coat, which I thought really did live up to the “salon finish” that it promises. It had a nice glossy finish and they have a really nice range of bright colors too.

You won’t like it if: you want something quick-drying. It doesn’t take long, but it’s not quick either.

The Click’s Beauty Fair promotion: These little guys are currently on sale for 20% off!


the body shop 

First Impressions: The Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-Gel is really cooling and hydrating and then kind of sets into your skin and tightens it, while the Intensely Revitalising Cream (for your face) is also very hydrating. It does feel intensely revitalised! I can’t say much more since I’ve only been using it for two days, however, so far, so good!

You would like it if: You love a product that really feels like its nourishing your skin. It’s the only way I can describe that sensation that is so characteristic of The Body Shop.

You wouldn’t like it if: You don’t like a strong smell. This smells of a herbal oil of some kind (as it should, since it’s from their Oils of Life range), so don’t expect it to be scented like their famous body butters etc.

The Clicks Beauty Fair Deal: Selected Body Shop items are available at a ‘3 for 2’ deal where the cheapest of three items from your purchase is free.


Have any of you tried any of these products?  Or is their anything from their ranges you think I should test out? The Click’s Beauty Fair ends in two days so I’d love to try any suggestions while I can still get them on a good deal! In the meantime, you can shop these and more at



Words & photography by Aqeelah Harron Ally

This post was done in collaboration with Click’s. All views and opinions are my own.


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