for the love


I spent today (Mothers Day + Dad’s birthday) with my favourite people, my parents, brother(s), boyfriend and his family. It was a warm and sunny day in Cape Town even though we should actually be experiencing proper winter.

Beloved brother and I took the parents for breakfast at Newport, then I joined Ziyaad and his family for a picnic in the new urban park in greenpoint.

Today I fell in love with
1. My beautiful city (recently voted no# 1 tourist destination in the WORLD)
2. Little creatures
3. My new flared jeans
(…my usual muse/soulmate, I am sorry you are not on this list today.)

Today was amazing, different from the usual. I very inappropriately have Pink’s “Family Portrait” song in my head, but let’s not go to Negative Town.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)