four favourites

Hat Country Road, Lips So Chaud by MAC, Cardi Lone Folk (vintage apparel), charcoal tights Woolworths, boots Woolworths. 
I had the urge to spend the other day. I couldn’t spend a lot though because I’m getting lash extensions on Monday, and this year is my year to fund the spoilage on Ziyaad and my 2 year anniversary that’s coming up soon. I walked around the mall frustrated. Needing everything I saw and not knowing what to opt on. Besides nothing I tried on made me happy, most shoes were currently out of budget and since I have started selling vintage, to my eye, most clothing just screams “my designer cares more about money than about quality and fabric, and so I was made in China”.
Then I walked into Country Road and saw this Llama hat and I was in love. It’s nothing particularly special-looking but my golly it feels like a power suit when you put it on! It may also have been the smell of the store, the soft feeling of fur, the “made in China” label being tucked so far away that influenced me. I grabbed these sweeeeet charcoal grey opaque tights too.
Also picked up some bright red lippy from MAC in So Chaud, and went on a sourcing mission for Lone Folk, where I found this lovely oversized cardi. It reminds me of Christmas and grandpas. I like it.