It’s finally FRIDAY! In the last two months, between Fashion Weeks, JHB trips, the odd leave day, getting sick and tons of public holidays, it’s my first full five-day office week in a really, really long time. It’s also my last day in the studio/office at the company I’ve been at for a year and a half, and on Monday I move departments and get to know my new team in my new job, and my mind is at lunch already because we’re having farewell sushi.

As for my outfit, I eyeballed a red leather jacket since 2009, but then chose this brown one on the day for more practical reasons. But by now you know I’ve exceeded my practicality quota and have something similar in green too. My next goal is an all-white one, but I know that’s going to be another worldwide search! My mom got this bad-boy for me in Turkey about six months ago, and I’m obsessed! These Woolies flare denims I bought in 2010 when flares were trying to make a comeback but their struggle was real, so I kept them in case they were successful the next time around. They’re kind of amazing, I won’t lie.

Usually on Fridays I also tend to chill and be fast asleep by 10pm (grandma life is the best life), but Thithi is in town and we’re going for dinner straight after work, and she never gets to hang out in Cape Town extensively, so I’m excited because she’s worth losing sleep over :)

Happy weekend, lovelies!


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H&M shirt, jacket from Istanbul, Woolworths jeans (2010), Forever 21 shoes

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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