It’s the simple things in life that amuse me. Like taking a picture of myself and focusing the camera on my reflection and blurring out my Fashion Week press tags that hang from the mirror. Also, last weekend, Aisha and I weren’t really in a going-out mood, but didn’t feel like doing nothing either. The recent heatwave Cape Town experienced was the best at night! On the Friday, we left a launch at 1am when it was still very much peaking, and decided instead to have a McDonalds picnic on her balcony. Enjoying her incredible city view and warm weather, stuffing our faces and photo-boothing on her Mac, wearing the same Zoom shoes, bodysuits and animal ears. Muuuuch better.The following night, we were having so much fun with the self-timer on my camera while we were in the pool, it made us very, very, very late for one of Reza’s farewell get-togethers. Oh well.