Funshine at drama school

First post in a long time, (and possibly) last post for a long time, and figured it’s best to touch base :) I made this top myself, my first sewing attempt, and hopefully the first of many! I cant stop wearing it, with shorts, jeggings, electric blue leggings and/or with my black leather jacket… everything! These are a few pics of my friends and I at Hiddingh Hall (University of Cape Town) where we enjoy our favourite major and push the limits of contemporary theatre-making. I love observing the way the eccentric art kids there dress too. There weren’t many around yesterday in the late afternoon when we were there, so this is just us getting snap happy while we were conceptualising for our upcoming director’s piece of ‘Pax’ by Deborah Levy.
[Dani and Ehrard]
I love my vintage floral scarf
Boots from Edgars
Custom-made leggings

                              [Whoever said models dont eat has not met my friend Phil]

[Johan is one of (if not) the most stylish guy I know. He only splurges on things like these Diesel jeans which fit him so well. Otherwise he is a very successful bargain hunter like me.]

     [Skinny leather belt R100, by Moth at Wardrobe]

[Photographs by Aqeelah Harron and Johan Mattheus]