Funshine with Postie

thrifted denim shirt, 100% silk wrap skirt from India, leather gladiators from Mr Price, peace-sign ring from Claire’s, Set of three rings from Accessorize
As I mentioned the other day, my friend Al Postman and met up at our beloved alma mater/soon-to-be ex-campus, for a last Jammie stairs chill/jam session. I never knew what a talented musician Postie was until then, that boy is hectic! And mark my words – he is going to be a well-known radio personality in South Africa and then some, already having been on UCT radio for years, and presenting shows with Marc Lottering. Yeah I’m bragging, but he makes me so proud.
So he took these pics of me. I was so adamant on having a shot where the fabric billows in the wind, but then there was wind over-kill and it very nicely separated the fabric on the part that wraps – all in the shot from behind, exposing my bright turquoise knickers… embarrassing but funny, and a milestone in my friendship with Al!
Other than involuntarily exposing my butt-cheeks in public places, I have had a reasonably exciting week, meetings with Gabbi discussing our new vintage-selling venture. We went on our first thrift mission yesterday and got some of the most divine items that we cant wait to share with you. Gabbi and I are seriously the queens of thrifting for dirt cheap, and we have had so many people begging us to take them shopping or say where we get our treasures from. It only made sense to join forces, and being fashion photography fiends, naturally we’ll be shooting our stock too. Items should be available from next week, and we won’t be expensive *promise*. We all hate it when someone rips you off with over-priced vintage. At the moment we have killer high-waisted denim shorts, summery lace tops, lace dresses, blazers and I’ll be throwing some of my and my mom’s hand-made leather bags in the mix too, which are also really easy on the budget, and pretty damn awesome.

I’m so excited for you all to see it. Keep your eyes peeled on my page (and our future FaceBook page) for more info and photographs.

THRIFT >> remember the name!