Golden Hour at the Polo


This past weekend I attended the Cintron Pink Polo for the first time ever with my beau by my side! Never missing an opportunity to dress up, this wasn’t actually what I was supposed to wear. I had another pink heavily-beaded, Zuhair Murad-inspired dress that felt a little too new-money for the occasion at hand. I also had hat fomo, and my initial planned dress was not very accommodating for additional accoutrements. 

That being said, I grabbed what I had in my closet, quickly headed down to Woolies for this hat, and borrowed these gorgeous blush fringe earrings from Aisha. Just the night before I also picked out my first ever pair of Stuart Weitzman heels from Spitz. I’ve always admired Stuart Weitzman footwear, and finally having my own pair from the collection feels pretty special. I love how it’s simple and “business in the front, party at the back”! You all know by now I can’t resist a bit of sparkle.

I loved my look overall! At first I was a bit moody and insecure because it felt like a last minute look that you’ve all seen me in a million times. I mean, it’s only the third time this year I’ve worn this skirt, and the five millionth time I’ve worn this silhouette. But you see, you guys are fashion people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you got bored of it. But when it came to polo people, well, it was clearly their first time seeing me in my signature look because it gathered a lot of attention I honestly didn’t expect. As in people stopped and stared in a good way, and borderline treated me like Kate Middleton but to a point where I got awkward. ANYWAY. I’m human, and I guess that attention and flurry of compliments made me feel like in the end I chose the right look after all. On this occasion, old-money simplicity was most definitely the best bet. Plus my hat made me feel pinky-in-the-air fancy, even when I drank my Cintron energy drink out of the can.

I also just had the best best best time with my husband, and he looked SO handsome. All in all, a great Saturday was had.


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Hat from Woolworths, borrowed earrings, MRP turtleneck, custom made skirt and leather clutch, Marc Jacobs watch, Stuart Weitzman heels from Spitz.

Photographs by Malick at Val de Vie Estate.


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