Goodbye Thrift. Hello Lone Folk

On this blog I write about my lessons learnt in the industry, I document I my journey and findings… or I try. Long story short: I no longer have any involvement with Thrift Cape Town as I chose to leave it to Gabrielle, and start fresh with my own vintage-selling venture, that simultaneously acts as a platform for me to practice styling and photography. It is called Lone Folk. It does not have a blog just yet, but as soon as it does, you will know. Click here to add it as a friend on Facebook. If you want to know why because you care/are nosy, keep reading, if not, this is what it looks like for now (imprint it in your head):

SO basically, the lesson I learned from an administrative point of view with Thrift, is that partnerships often don’t work out in business, and right now I can think of way more con’s than pro’s, and this applies no matter who your partner is, not specifically my own. I will speak in a general sense, ie: not specifically applying to Thrift, as I have witnessed failed partnerships many a time, and it can apply however great or small your endeavour is.
1. Sharing profits/responsibility: Its nice to have someone to contribute to capital when you’re somewhat cash-shy, but it is a lot harder to measure the work required to make a business work once the ball is rolling. You then have to ask yourself, “is what I’m getting out the equivalent to what I’ve put into it? How fair is the outcome in comparison to input?”
2. Decision-making: Especially tricky in a partnership. You are two differing people with differing opinions. This can cause tension. Obvs.
3. Separate lives, feasibility & responsibility: before going into business with someone, be sure that what you are doing is as important to your partner as it is to you.
4. It’s easier to pay someone: If you have things to do and you are not equipped with the skills, rather pay someone who is, for the time you need them. 
5. Speak professionally, be nice yet firm. Don’t mix business with friendship/family, and never use emotion to judge a situation, it will end up messier than it was before.
6. Reliability : the foundation of trust between two parties. As I said before, priorities differ, and it’s hard to be sure in the beginning as it only pops up later.
The concept behind Thrift was my idea, and I looked for a partner for the worst reason; I didn’t believe in myself enough to do it on my own, which I now know I could have done all along. There is no personal reason behind this split, I would just like to be seen as an individual and not a half of a something that people seem to know. I am excited to have artistic and professional freedom, and to push myself to learn and grow… That is after all why we’re here.