Harajuku Street Style

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The last time I went to Tokyo was a bit of a fail as I went with two dead camera batteries, sans charger. This time around, I came prepared, excited to people-watch/snap, and speak my version of Japanese, so I took to the infamous Takeshita Street and Harajuku Street in the Harajuku District. Previously when I had snapped street style shots like in Milan and Copenhagen, I still had energy for the documentary approach, and I felt shy/guilty/awkward asking people if I could take their picture. Those times, it was a little too difficult getting good shots because some of the most well-dressed would slip out of my frame and be gone forever. This time around I decided it was better to lose the shame than lose the shot, and found most of them really liked having their picture taken.

My favourite thing about the fashion in this area is how these kids celebrate their style and wear all their favourite things at once. The bolder, the better, and I love that the more conservative Japanese are so desensitised to it. You could literally wear anything, and still be considered pretty normal.

The high street is a lot more slick, conservative, chic and polished, and even though it is just a few roads away from Harajuku it’s like a completely different world. Didn’t even bother shooting anything there because it’s hard to be interested still after you have been to Harajuku.

I’m sad I just missed cherry blossom season, but I saw more than enough to keep my eyes pretty occupied!