Hello! It feels like forever since I’ve last posted, but the flu really got me last week! I always do this to myself, I take on so much, don’t sleep properly and before I know it, I’m sick. I finally feel better again, and it’s a reminder to myself not to take my self-care too lightly during this time of year. It’s just SUCH a busy time though, and so easy to neglect oneself. It’s “season” for bloggers, which means everyone wants to work with you and push product before Christmas. It gets overwhelming, my inboxes are constantly overflowing and I’m a little stress ball and over-achiever. I mean, all you have to do is scroll down in this post to see my self-induced grey hair, but we’ll talk about that on another day! In my mind it’s December already, and I’m so ready to wind down. All I want to do is cook, practice yoga in my garden, and hang out in the pool with my man or my girls.


The fabulous team at Haya Collective sent me this green kimono/summer coat which acts as the most gorgeous cover-up for summer! If you’re looking for lovely modest-wear, their store has some chic covered pieces, from abayas to robes, skirts, scarves and even gorgeous sleepwear. 

Most of my look is available online, and you can shop the items by simply clicking the item name below:

Brett Robson Choker 

MRP tank top

Country Road Jeans

Country Road Sandals

Haya Collective Robe collection (my robe is out of stock).


img_1235 img_1244 img_1219 img_1254 img_1230 img_1272

Photographs by Malick


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