Last weekend Malick and I decided to escape the city for the day and drive out to Hermanus for some fresh air, quality time and great food of course! We explored a bit and took these photographs. Like a true Instagram wife, I suggested he teaches himself photography via online tutorials, YouTube etc, and he’s not too shabby these days!

Photography aside, we’re so happy and grateful to you guys for all your support with YOURS. We had no idea the response would be that great, and exactly a week after launching, we sold out. We thought it would take at least a month to sell out! Our plans to further our leather range are set in motion, we learnt from the demand and definitely learnt from the mistakes we made along the way. 

Aside from that, my head is all over the place. I’m meeting with a venue owner today for two events; my blog next CPT blog workshop and a mini charity market Aisha and I plan on hosting with a few other blogger babes (they just don’t know it yet haha), selling off stuff from our closets and some press drops all in great condition for a good cause! We all get sent so much, and often after reviewing it, still, we sit with 20 more tubes of unused lipsticks. It only feels right to share that with you guys and people in need. Watch this space!


IMG_5020 IMG_4829 IMG_4859 IMG_5036IMG_5060 IMG_4915

Ray-Bans from sunglass Hut 


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