Shot another style segment for ODC/WhocSoc on Tuesday, where Aisha and I went around interviewing stylish folk at UCT’s Hiddingh Hall Campus. This campus houses the Fine Art and Drama School (ie: hipster central… gotta love it). For those of you who don’t know by now, I used to go there, it formed an integral part of my drama and film degree. I always loved how the students there dressed, and I would definitely say it influenced the way I dressed too on a daily basis. Theatre was truly the highlight of my degree as a UCT student, and I took it as a third major out of sheer love! I was pushed creatively and broadened my perspectives and ability to empathise, but above all it was an unbelievably fun and compelling experience. Anyway. Going back there “felt like home” but simultaneously I felt like “she doesn’t even go here”. I’m rambling. This is what I wore:

Thrifted burgandy bowtie, Mom’s old denim shirt, Jeggings from China Town (yes, really), wedge booties from e-Bay, thrifted leather sling bag, rounded sunnies from Pedro’s Bitchin’ Eyewear.