@HOME Decor Wishlist


Much like the end of 2016, as the 2017 holidays roll around I can’t help but feel the need to add a few more additions to our home. I feel like redecorating my office and home at the end of last year really shifted the energy in my home and prepared me mentally and professionally for what was, without a doubt, my most successful year ever. As I sit and think to myself, “what do I want 2018 to be like?” it starts with another home reboot. We are in the process of creating our outdoor area for lazy summer days, and we’ve just sold our green velvet couches to make room for something new. I’m about 99.9% sure, that “something new” is going to be the blue Chelsey chesterfield couch seen above! As for everything else, I’m going to need a good coffee machine for all the hard work I plan on putting in, a chic water bottle for staying hydrated, an amazing Dyson hairdryer to keep me looking my best (seriously, I tested one out and it’s incredible), and I would love a chic wicker chair for outside in the garden and doing a little thinking/reading. Naturally, I can’t get all of them, but a girl can dream and share those wishes with you!

Which of these pieces is your favourite? All of them are available at @Home, and you can click the links below to shop each one.



  1. Geometric gown, R599
  2. Malawian chair, R1799
  3. Dyson hairdryer, R6499
  4. Rattan bowl, R189
  5. Nespresso Machine, R1850 (on sale)
  6. Brush stroke bowl, R39 (on sale)
  7. Vase, R299
  8. Hot & cold marble stainless steel bottle, R249
  9. Chelsey 3 seater velvet chesterfield couch, R9999
  10. Framed Africa print, R1499

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