How I Style My Bedroom Vanity Table.


Months ago, I shared my office beauty desk that I usually use for all things work-related, which you can read here. That vanity is where I store the majority of my make-up, latest testing samples, and create my bolder, more detailed looks. However, when it comes to my vanity table in my bedroom, I’m a lot fussier. I can’t sleep where there is too much clutter, so my bedroom vanity has to have two very important key components; it needs to be simple, minimal and still functional. My bedroom vanity table is not for work; it’s for finishing touches on-the-go, and to look pretty in a way that completes my décor at home.


A display tray filled with beautiful and functional essentials and just a few options

As an example, I’m currently enjoying these three lipsticks on rotation from the Jonathan Adler X Clinique make-up collaboration. There’s one shade that’s pinkish nude, one that’s hot pink and another that’s bright red, allowing me take my look from muted, to fun or sultry in a quick sweep of the tube. To keep things decoratively cohesive and again, easily functional, I keep the eyeshadows and blush at hand too, allowing for a simple touch up. Okay, and then there’s also the fact that Jonathan Adler is a world famous interior decorator, so it feels like it just makes sense to use the make-up as decor too! I recently posted a YouTube tutorial where I created a look with items from this collaborative make-up collection. Scroll down to the end of the video to watch – it’s super cute, summer-friendly and really easy to do).

When it comes to fragrances, I also allow myself three different options; I display one that’s  fresh, one that’s spicy and one that’s slightly sweet and elegant. These too have a cohesive color scheme and give me just enough options to capture the mood.

Also on my feature tray; I display a few other elements that can quickly complete my look, like my essential jewellery (wedding ring, watch) and one pair of both statement and minimal earrings respectively. I also keep a graphic tumbler glass with brushes at hand. Again, these brushes are from the Jonathan Adler collection, and I generally keep a mascara in there too.

Overall, since both my vanity and the tray are black, I quite enjoy the pops of color and metallic touches.

 Plant Life

A constant bouquet of flowers is of course the dream, but a pricey feature to replace each week. Instead, opt for something like a cute mini orchard which can last months, or a pretty waterwise plant. I also love a cutting of a single monstera deliciosa leaf in a clear jar, which is super trendy, doesn’t really need water and doesn’t deteriorate if you keep it out of the sun!

Personal Touches

I always feel a desk of any sort, even in your office, isn’t yours unless you’ve added a sentimental photograph of some sort. In my case, it’s a photograph of Malick and I on our wedding day.


I love my decorative perspex lamp, however I also love to add a great scented candle into the mix. There’s something nice about getting ready and having a lovely fragrance in the air. Just be sure not to spray your fragrance too close to the flame while you’re getting done!

And that about sums up my minimal feature vanity! Fun fact, I do this with my wardrobe too; I have a walk in closet but still display other outfits in a more minimal way on a feature rail away from the closet, I find it keeps my headspace and options clear. Would you guys like to see posts on these too? I’m definitely feeling like we need to reignite the “Home” category on here but I’m feeling a little stumped for ideas! Is there anything you’d like to read about in particular?

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IMG_0884 Untitled-1

BEAUTY TUTORIAL: DVF-Inspired Make-Up Look Using the Jonathan Adler X Clinique Make-Up Collection

Post done in collaboration with Clinique South Africa

Shot by Abdul Malick Ally



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