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Something most people don’t know about me is that when it comes to fashion, I can actually be a bit of a cheapo. You’d never say, right? I always want the best things, but I do my best to get it for the best price too. This is not to say I’m always wearing low-end or that I never splurge, but either way, it needs to be the type of item I can wear in a way that still looks expensive in the completed look. This mostly applies to clothing, not so much shoes and accessories. Cheaper items can look high end, and expensive pieces can look super cheap too!

So with that being said, these are my tips for looking expensive:

Wear one solid colour. Wearing a full look in one shade always looks chic and pulled together. If you want to look ultra expensive, go for shades like red, beige, tan and white.

Avoid stretchy and clingy fabrics. Stretch fabrics tend to wear out, acquire baubles over time and generally don’t always offer a clean-looking fit. Of course this isn’t set in stone (for example, I love a white tee paired with slacks or layered under other items), but you should aim not to make a stretch item your hero piece.

Fit is everything. Your clothing should never look too tight on your body but rather have a relaxed, effortless feel. Using denim as an example, for a more expensive effect, I prefer straight cuts over skinnies. When it comes to silhouette, volume does wonders in the form of wide-leg trousers, light overcoats and statement sleeves.

Add leather accents. I’m fine with wearing inexpensive clothing (if it’s made well), but I believe in spending on good leather shoes and belts, simply because they have more longevity, therefore the cost-per-wear is cheaper and worth the investment. For items like belts, when I was a student, I thrifted leather belts all the time and bought my leather shoes on sale, and actually never needed to spend too much on those. Those items really lasted me a long time!

Keep your accessories slick and simple. A boater hat, neck scarf and structured tote bag always look good and never goes out of style, while fringe earrings add just the right amount of glam.

Opt for fresh-faced make-up. Focus should be on skin, and at most, a bold lip. I’m a firm believer that women who wear a bold, matte lip somehow just always look like they have their lives together!


Hat: Get the budget version here. Get the splurge version here.

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Hat from Country Road, earrings from Lovisa, blouse/dress from Woolworths, watch by Casio, trousers by Hugo Boss, shoes from Spitz. 

Photography by Abdul Malick Ally




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