How To Match Your Significant Other Without Looking Lame


Throughout my life I always loved playing dress-up with my besties, and I love that as a grown-up, as manly as he is, my husband is now undoubtedly that bestie. Also let’s be honest here; we all had moments where we low key enjoyed being matchy-matchy with our significant other or friend, even if it was just a matter of wearing the same shoes. Wearing matching outfits has unintentionally become a somewhat normal practice for Malick and I. It comes pretty naturally but even so, it can look cheesy, and I’ve had moments where I’ve insisted one of us change because it’s a little too much! So here are a few guidelines to help you look like a cool collective and not like twinzies.

  1. Pick a theme. This can be a colour scheme or a vibe/mood. This should be evident but not look “costumey” or forced outside of either one of your two usual personal styles.
  2. Keep your similarities subtle. In this look we both wore white shirts but layered it differently. Our hats are in a slightly differing style, in different colours. Our shoes match in colour, but not in design. You feel me?
  3. Be inspired by your partner, then finish it off in your way. Since it was Mens’ Fashion Week, I wanted a menswear-inspired look, but I brought my personal feminine touch through with the off-the-shoulder top and wide length trousers.

Essentially, as is the case with any relationship, it’s important to have those things that clearly unite you as a team, but it’s always just as important to have your own things going for yourself and reflect who you are. 


Malick’s look: Simon & Mary hat from Tread & Miller, vintage United Colours of Benetton coat, Polo shirt and knit, Primark trousers, Arthur Jack loafers from Tread & Miller.

Aqeelah’s look: Simon & Mary hat from Tread & Miller, Polo shirt, Forever 21 tee, vintage belt, custom-made trousers, custom-made bag, Rare Earth Oxford brogues from Tread & Miller.

All images and video created by us.








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