Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2011 Launch

[above: left to right] Inge Wulff, Dylan Jack and me
[above: left to right] Inge Wulff in Kluk CGDT Couture and me in vintage.
Both of us are wearing heels by Woolworths
[above] Just the other day we were having a debate over whether or not Solly Philander played Timothy Traddle in Kideo. So naturally we were forward, asked him and proceeded to take a photograph with him.

On Saturday I attended what was without a doubt one of, if not the best, party of the Summer: Hugo Boss Black Label’s Spring/Summer 2011 launch at the 8-storey high Nettleton “castle” in Clifton, Cape Town. I used to work for the company’s ladies’ store in 2008, so it was great to go back as a guest/press, and not a worker. I got to catch up with old friends and rub shoulders with the rich, the plastic, the beautiful and the famous. I still cringed a little in fear when I saw Mr Myatt, the owner and my old boss. Old habits die hard, but when I spoke to him he was quite lovely.

The evening was so “lavish”, as Inge put it, from beginning to end. We were instructed to park our cars down at Maiden’s Cove, where fleets of Hugo Boss-branded Audis (complete with men in black suits waiting outside) picked us up and took us to the venue.
The night proceeded with the most divine catering, Moet-on-tap for my drinking friends, Lindt-for-Africa, caviar and cuisine-style barbeque. Every woman there had their spiked heels sinking into the grass outside, and a big basket filled with packaged flip flops was provided for those who couldn’t deal with the sinkage anymore. This was an event filled with some of South Africa’s most beautiful people though, I doubt that the waiters would even dare wear a pair. The basket went untouched – rather let your heels sink than your reputation in the fashion world.

As for the show, I am not being biased when I say that both Hugo Boss’s Black and Orange (more urban) labels are my favourite preter porter clothing. The craftmanship involved even in the simplist of garments is impeccably done, and in remarkable taste and design. Even the more edgey pieces is united with versatility and timelessness – my favourite contradiction. I loved the relaxed flow and ease of the garments and how comfortable the models seemed. The heels that were wedges that were heels (but wedges) really caught my eye. I have a habit of joining words and forming new ones. I want to call them “wheels” but that that doesn’t work. Nor does “hedges”, for obvious reasons. Regardless, I want FIVE in each colour.
I was especially impressed by the “standard” of model casting – 6 ft+ tall, toned, skinny but not about to faint from it, and they had faces and looks that reflected and really resonated with the label.

A truly perfect event. Well done to Myatt International, Hugo Boss and Greater Than PR.


PS: New outfit post coming soon :)