Huh uhhh.

Unbranded aviator sunnies, Sass Diva collar, Mr Price knit, vintage leather jacket, Jay Jays shorts, River Island leather boots.
Wore this on Tuesday to Aisha’s birthday. While I love Winter fashion far more than Summer fashion, for some reason I don’t have much winter clothing… Or I just dont wear it, I’m not sure. I’ll splurge on a good coat or leather goods but with other things I get stingey and rather just layer. Almost everything I’m wearing has a little story. On the one hand I think I shop smart, on the other, I think I shop stupid.
Otherwise, believe it or not, considering my exploding closet, I don’t spend much, I just spend often. This Sass Diva collar was a random romantic gift from my other bestie, Yasmina. She saw my eyes glaze over when I saw it in the store and she went back and got it for me (love her).
The leather jacket was my dad’s when he was much younger, and I had it altered to fit me better. When he saw me wearing it the other day, he mentioned, “You know that friend of yours, who does the film things? His mom actually made it for me thaaaat time” (speaking about my friend Amr Singh). Small world.

These shorts are cut-offs of my brother’s old skinny jeans, and my mom got me these really amazing fleece-lined stockings from a random Chinese store for only R25. So warm, they are the best things since the Backstreet Boys.

Talking way too much here…