Hunting Yvan’s Face + 10 000 hits

World-renowned street-style blogger, Yvan Rodick from Facehunter was in town, and I attended his book-signing/party with my lovely blogger friend, Aisha. We took a million unnecessary photographs of ourselves and friends, and at random moments I tried to channel my inner-Yvan and snap some looks I liked. I got bored of that quickly though and Aish and I decided to point out our gay crushes in the room, only to be interrupted by our ultimate gay crush, Marco, who joined in the chat. Aisha and I being the eggs that we are proceed to have a full-on milly conversation with this man, and for some ridiculous reason it did not register that I was talking to one of my favourite SA bloggers, the author of Man of Cloth. He had to tell me who he was, when actually I knew it in my subconcious already (I swear). I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t even blame it on the fact that I was wasted. I don’t even know if this is all making sense, but it was weird for me ok.

How awesome is my fuschia mohair cardi? it’s Aisha’s from Spain. Lone Folk sourced a mohair lapel-less oversized blazer in the exact shade, will post on it soon, it’s pretty amazing. This post also commemorates Fashion Breed having 10 000 hits, thank you everyone who reads my blog!

I’ll shut up now. Hope you like my pictures xx

with my darling friend Dylan Jack

Yvan’s face

giggle giggle with Sheri Lee