I Am Juicy Couture


You may recognise and remember this fragrance from my social media, where I made various anti-declarations leading up to the launch of Juicy Couture’s new fragrance, I Am Juicy Couture. The Juicy Couture brand and its fragrances are synonymous with their girly nature, naturally explaining the floral accents that can often be found in their scents.

This floral and fruity perfume opens up to notes of pomelo, passion fruit and raspberry, while sweat pea, heliotrope, rose de mal and gardenia form its floral heart. Finally, amber, soft musk and warm woods round off the base of this hypnotic composition.

So who is the I Am Juicy Couture girl? She is not typical, she is not ordinary, apologetic nor conventional. She is fearless, bold, feminine and a diamond in the rough. For this particular post, in association with Juicy Couture SA, Lisa and I ventured into film together for the first time and aimed to capture the I Am Juicy Couture girl in me. You can watch the video by clicking here, we hope you enjoy it!


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