If you want to feel rich, count the things in your life money can’t buy.

Vintage denim shirt (mom), grey Gap knit, DIY black mini, Zoom shoes, Vintage Ray Bans from Long Street Antique Arcade. [photo credit: Ziyaad Majiet]

I had some meetings in town the other day and this is what I wore. I was done by about 1pm so I took the boyfriend for a surprise picnic in Deer Park, and then a drive halfway up the mountain with some Origin coffee. We snapped these pics along the way.

Plus, how do you like my big smile? Emma King who does the sponsorship work for Brite Smile SA at De Waterkant Health treated me with some complimentary whitening sessions and a great goodie bag with stain free snacks and Brite Smile products! The mouth wash is my favourite, tastes so good you’d want to drink it and it’s alcohol-free. I still have more sessions to go for, but I am so happy with how it’s looking so far, can’t wait for the end result!

hope everyone has had a great weekend :)


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