I’m just a soul whose intentions are good

 Harringtons poorboy hat, shirt stolen from my brother,  Kader belt, custom-made trousers, Converse All Stars.

I’ve been one terrible blog owner again, having not posted in ages. I’m sorry about that, life’s just been crazy busy lately. I’ve gotten emails, tweets and comments on my last post and about my accident – thank you all so much, I feel so blessed! Feeling a lot better and can’t wait til the aches go away completely.

So this is what I wore to work the other day. Aisha took these pics for me after work, I tend to hang out at her house a lot in the evenings because then I get to dodge traffic and hang with my blogger-bestie.
And how great is my gifted leather belt from Kader? His web page and online store is coming soon, so glad I got in on the action first :)

I did a shoot with Cosmo magazine last week, had so much fun and will be sharing the behind-the-scene pics with you all soon. Momma’s not gonna neglect the blog again, promise!


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