In My Colour Era

I am aware that becoming a mom is like, 70% of my personality most days, but finding my style again after having a baby was the most freeing and exciting thing. With matrescence came an additional shedding of caring for people’s opinions, it came with having to become more fun to stimulate my child’s mental growth, and I love how that translated into my life, and what I wear.

I suddenly found myself obsessed with colour, the bolder and brighter, the better. When we were in Turkey this past September I bought a few of the same things but in different colours, so I could rotate them and live a very bright summer. In my mind, all solid brights match each other, nothing is off limits. More is more. These are some of my favourite looks from the last few months; the dopamine dressing effect is real!

All photographs by Abdul Malick Ally


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