Infecting the City Public Arts Festival 2012

This past Saturday marked the final day for the Infecting the City Public Arts Festival 2012 that happens annually in Cape Town in different public spaces all over the city. Rather excited to be a festival-goer, I put on my super comfy suede fringe booties I picked up at Primark, and filled my beloved American Apparel denim backpack with water, camera, lenses, sunblock and all kinds of other supplies. You know when I wear a backpack it’s a serious mission!  You can purchase my one online here.

At first I was feeling a bit like I was missing out because I wasn’t at Joburg Fashion Week, but when I became engrossed in this festival it re-awakened the dormant thespian and photographer in me. Since I graduated I’ve been so out of touch with theatre as a whole, and I really miss it! And my blog and photography jobs have kept me busy and dictated what I shoot, so it’s been a while since I photographed much else.

I had an incredible day, missioning through the city for 13 hours, feeling exhausted but inspired by the compelling performances I saw between. I took hundreds of photographs, these are just a few street style snaps and some of my favourite moments in the festival. I’m going to add the rest to my Facebook page, so keep checking if you’re keen to have a look :)




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