Insta-Breed: London – Doha – Singapore

1. Underground/ 2. Beautiful Knightsbridge/ 3. My bedroom in London at my aunt’s house/ 4. At the Katara Colloseo Amphitheatre with Mom and Dad when they visited me in Doha/ 5. Peppermint tea, chocolate fondant and pistachio ice cream at Armani Caffe/ 6. Wearing Malick’s Christmas jersey/ 7. Yachts at the Pearl/ 8. His and hers Massimo Dutti boots/ 9. Vintage gold Casio – an amazing gift to wake up to/ 10. What we wore on our date night in Singapore/ 11. Fringed flapper dress bought in Singapore/ 12. View of Clark Quay from dinner.

Small recap of some of my adventures this past month. I’ve been working like crazy and it’s only going to get worse (ie: better?) in the next few weeks. I’ve bought myself tons of presents and I haven’t even had the time to play with them and they are so fantastic!
Right now though, I really need to sleep. And I never  really need to sleep, eat or have feelings generally but today I’m feeling kinda mortal.
Happy mid-week my lovelies, I hope you are winning.

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