Insta-Breed: Tokyo

1. Navigating over a mocha/ 2. Shibuya street style/ 3. Hello Kitty necklace from Naris Shop (Bangkok), had them make it for me just for Tokyo, then forgot to wear it!/ 4. Can’t deal with how effortlessly cool these two were/ 5. The magical Harajuku Street I found by accident/ 6. The bustle of Shibuya, their version of Times Square/ 7. Nike Store and some bicycles in Harajuku Street/ 8. Blue hair, don’t care/ 9. Biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen anywhere/ 10. Loved her/ 11. Obsessed with this building, the Asakusa Tourism Centre/ 12. Girls shopping in Harajuku Street/ 13. Asakusa Temple/ 14. Somewhere near Tokyo Tower, Spring began to show her face – it was almost time for cherry blossom season.