Into The Woods


Good morning everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great start to the week? I have awesome news, Telkom finally fixed my line! After three weeks of utter incompetence and raging on social media (again, I’m truly sorry for bombarding you all). Furthermore, I am no longer ill which is such a relief.

I resumed training this morning with a 6:15am Sunrise Session with my trainer, Rushtush, so I feel like I got it all this morning! I need to establish a routine now that I’m working from home, or I just know I’m going to end up in a major slump. 

Otherwise, I’m so into the 70’s vibe these days in my super flared jeans! I picked up this perfect pair from Woolies back in 2011, when flares were trying to make a comeback and I was into it but no one else really was. I waited it out for four years because again, fashion is a cycle and I knew they would return! Besides, it’s not often I find a pair that I can wear with heels, which in my opinion, is the best way to wear them. The proportion it creates is pretty flattering in the way it slims the thighs and elongates the legs. This cute crochet dress is something I thrifted a few years ago too. I’m wearing the Pandora bracelet Leonor got me for my birthday last year after knowing how much I wanted one, and she included the passport and globe charms celebrate how we met abroad! So cute! Since then I bought the “A” charm for my name and (Abdul) Malick’s, and the next ones I want to buy is the money bag charm (because #girlboss). I’m super sentimental and cheesy, so I love that these bracelets are a chic way of doing just that.

My H&M hat was something I purchased when I knew I was going to Milan (view posts on it here and here) and I just so desperately wanted to be fab when I was there, or I thought my life would be ruined :’D You can view that not-tourist-friendly-but-still-cute outfit here. It was that moment when faux fur entered the trend forecast with a bang, and leatherette was everything. Also Malick was my “new boyfriend” at the time who had just bought me those boots for my birthday, so I just had to wear them (again, heels are not tourist friendly).  I’m going off at a track here but I’m literally giggling at my laptop reminiscing how my mind worked at the time! I still really love those posts though, even though they’re so old!

Finally, Fashion Month has commenced and I still need to catch up on all the shows! It kicked off with New York and now London Fashion Week is up next. Have any of you been keeping up? What was your favourite show? Tweet me @SAFashionBreed. I’m mostly looking forward to the shows in Paris online, they’re always the best!


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H&M hat, vintage crochet dress, Woolworths RE jeans, Forever 21 mule heels.

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel (email to book her for your blog shoot, event, family shoot etc.)


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