Introducing the Adidas Workout Hijab

In case you missed it on my instagram, Adidas has just launched their first ever workout hijab! I had the honour to be one of the first to try it and introduce it to the modest fashion community, and while I may not be a hijabi myself, I’ve worn and wrestled with a headscarf enough times to know when it’s a good one or not.

While they’re not the first performance wear brand to do it, the adidas hijab was worth the wait. More than just covering your head, it is a purposefully-designed piece of performance wear, consisting of both non-sheer zoned mesh (genius!) and solid sweat-wicking materials to keep you cool. 

I’ve tested it out; it stays in place the entire time and is the perfect length to keep you covered while you train, and doesn’t get clammy. You can really tell how considerate they’ve been of the wearer in every step of the design process. It also features a reflective logo to enhance visibility on night runs and retails for R399.

Workouts aside, I can totally see this hijab being worn accompanying a really cool street style look for days off. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Yeezy version next!

My full look from head to toe here is by adidas. All of it is already sold out online but you can get it in stores nationwide!



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